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Your Bellflower, CA Dentist

We proudly provide quality dental care to the community of Bellflower, CA 90706 and surrounding areas. Our featured services are Comprehensive Check-up using Digital X-rays & Digital Diagnostic Camera for effective patient communication & education, Laser Dental Therapy, Whitening, and Prevention, Early Intervention & Treatment of the following: cavities, broken tooth, tooth infection, gum & bone infection, crowded & protruding teeth, pain & difficulty in chewing, missing teeth, overbite, deep bite, teeth do not meet properly, clicking of jaw joint, & irregular facial proportions. A proper & caring dental treatment helps improve the overall health of a person. We restore & improve facial & dental appearance boosting up self-confidence & interpersonal relationships.

Welcome to our dental home and family...where healthy, beautiful, and adorable smiles are lovingly nurtured!

Dr. John Lim, Dr. Sarah Lim & the Team

Advanced Dental Technology & Patient Comfort

Aside from keeping up to date with the latest and better dental care for our patients, Dr. Lim & the Team strive our best to give you quality dental services that is why we are trained and offer you comfortable advanced dental technology.

We believe that proper diagnosis leads to proper & efficient dental care. "Without diagnosis, there can be no treatment" - Hippocrates.

Therefore, we utilize an advanced, friendly camera reveals beginning stage of cavities (tooth infection) and gum inflammations which, if not treated soon, may lead to bone infection , as well. We use digital x-rays to minimize the minimal effects of radiation.



 Bellflower Dentist - Dr. Lim Dental - ph. 562-920-6644

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